Rent your classic city bike, mountain bike or VTC from €13 per half-day, and €18 per day!

Smile-Ebike is quite simply the largest store dedicated to bicycles in the city center of Montpellier.

Do you want to rent a bike? We have a fleet of electric bikes, but also many classic bikes available for the sportsmen among you! Discover here our three ranges of classic bikes, which are perfect for your family trips or for road trips with friends. At Smile Ebike, rent your bike in just a few minutes to go to the beach or explore sporty trails!

The city bike

velo location longue durée montpellier

Technical characteristics

The Urb Motion bike from Sunn is a French mechanical bike fitted with a Shimano transmission with a comfortable and upright seating position! Equipped with V-brakes that ensure your safety and a dynamo in the wheel, you will never run out of battery power for the lights!

This bike is available in size S (26″ wheels), M and L (28″ wheels).

The mountain bike

Technical characteristics

Here are the technical characteristics of the Tox MTB from Sunn (French brand):

  • 8 classic speeds, 2 chainrings
  • Front suspensions
  • 27.5’ wheels for sizes S and M and 29’ wheels for sizes L
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

The hiking bike

Technical characteristics

Here are the technical characteristics of the Adventure hiking bike from Sunn (French brand):

  • 8 classic speeds, 3 chainrings
  • This bike is equipped with a luggage rack at the front (10kg max) and one at the rear (25kg max)
  • 27.5’ wheels
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Available in size M and L

With our classic bikes, no limit on autonomy, only your legs will be the limit! So if you want to go on a road trip along the Mediterranean coast or just take a family outing to the beach, these will be the perfect bikes.

And also, you can add as many accessories as possible to these bikes for family outings in Montpellier: baskets, phone holders or even trailers.

Included in all rentals: a safety helmet and an anti-theft device!

Our Smile-Ebike store has a large number of classic bikes. With our fleet of 40 bikes, we can also manage all your events. Nothing better than getting together outside to enjoy the sun right ?

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