Our bike store is right next to La Gare Saint-Roch and la Comédie in the center of Montpellier.

Located in the center of the city, your store Smile E-bike of 350m2 offers you a large range of classic and electric bikes, which you can buy or rent.

Everything is set for you to enjoy a complete offer with one principal topic: Bikes ! Come visit us in our store to rent, buy, test or fix your bike.

3 offers around cycling

Rental of electric and classic bikes

Cool ride or sports day, it’s the opportunity to rent one of our 80 bikes in store, ready to be a part of your adventures !

It’s the opportunity to do a fun activity that is out of the ordinary while discovering Montpellier.

Electric bikes rental is accessible to all visitors starting at the age of twelve, locals, families, groups or even companies looking for a warming and green friendly day !

Selling of electric and classic bikes

Only a few steps away from la place de la Comédie and la Gare Saint-Roch, we put to your disposal all of our knowledge of the cycling world.

That way, if you want to buy a bike, you will be able to try different models directly in our store. A good way to be sure of your choice while enjoying a large range of products.

With that much variety, you will easily find THE bike made for you.

Bicycles repair

Because we are a company with a passionate team, we put everything in our power to take care of your bike. So you can come and have your bike checked.

We can troubleshoot you at any time because we are open seven days a week.

The story of our store in Montpellier

The story of Smile e-bike first takes place in October 2020 during an afternoon on electric bikes rented in a store in le Vaucluse.

Already fans of the cycling world, we were seduced by the idea of helping people discover this sustainable and fun way of locomotion. After a few thinking days between friends, Smile e-bike came to life.

After 5 intensive months of preparation and 2 months of renovation the new bike store was born in Montpellier and opened its doors the 13 may 2021. And it was for the pleasure of its first tourists who could finally enjoy a large range of rental bikes to go see the beautiful beaches without cars.

After a beautiful first summer, the team of smile e-bike grew bigger as well as its projects. The first really good returns and the increase in demand, turns the shop into a true bike store.

Our location is in the city center and we are open time seven days a week from April to November.

Smile e-bike has now become an unavoidable place for bikes in general, but especially for electric bikes in Montpellier.

Specialized in bike store in Montpellier

Numerous French and Italian bike brands are waiting for you in our store ! Thanks to our professional advice you will definitely find the electric bikes that will meet your expectations ! Mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, city, hiking, comfort, folding, compact, sporty, hobby, utilities : any bikes can be electric !

Our motivation ? Choose with you the perfect bike adapted to the use you make of it.

Our concern ? Taking care of your bike the best way possible.  

At our store you will only find brands that were selected with caution following specific criteria: Design, reliability, reputation, innovation, value for money, origin and efficiency of the after sale service. Let’s meet in our store to discuss this together !

The brands you can find in our store

You can find numerous models of electric bikes in our store. The most likely to be seen at our place will be the following:

  • T-bird: Our favorite one made in France !
  • Sunn: A French legendary brand !
  • Bertin: Specialist of high-end mountain bikes !
  • Lombardo: Our expert in Italian Fat bike !
  • Oklö: The French “biclou” half bike-half cargo
  • Addbike: The French electric cargo longtail !

Accessories you can find in store

To accompany our bike, we have in stock all kind of accessories that will improve your experience as a bike rider.

Looking for a saddle, a handlebar, a pedal board or just a helmet, we have what you need to equip your bike !

Helmets to grant you security on your bike !

The base of security on a bike is a helmet. This accessory is now mandatory for those under the age of twelve, it’s still really recommended for those past this age. To join utility and pleasure, we offer a variety of helmets with a lot of different sizes and even colors or designs.

No matter the type of bike you are using and why you are using it, you will find your helmet in our store. Among or selection of brand you will find:

  • GES ride ahead
  • Kask
  • Polisport
  • PNA
  • Cycling
  • Kali
  • Abus

Lockers to protect your bikes !

Riding a bike can make people jealous !

To avoid bad surprises when you leave your bike in a public space, using a good locker is more than recommended. We have a large range of lockers to suit your needs and we also work with the following brands: AXA, Auvray and Zefal. They offer optimal protection against people with bad intentions that are more likely going to steal your bike if you give them the opportunity.

We can advise you in person to help you choose the perfect option.

Comfortable saddles for long rides 

A lot of bike riders complain about…Butt pain !

But we can offer you an efficient solution that will erase any trace of pain. We will help you out and take time for you to choose the saddle with the most comfortable sitting position.

At Smile e-bike, we advise our customers to make them choose a saddle that is going to be adapted to their morphology. Starting at 25€, our store provides saddles of good.


How to get to our store ?

Opening hours:

Our bike store is the only one in Montpellier that is open 7 days a week from April to November ! Starting from 9am to noon and half and then again from 1pm to 6pm. From December to March, Smile e-bike open its doors in the same hours from Monday to Sunday.



9 avenue Georges Clemenceau
34000 Montpellier

Our store is located in the center of the city Montpellier at only 5 walking minutes from La place de la comédie et la gare saint-roch.

Need à advices quickly ?

You can call us at the following number +33 (0)
We even respond on WhatsApp.

The team


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